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Where Does Money Actually Go Ultimately

Where Does Money Actually Go ?
We all know that money is easier to get rid of than to get hold of but ultimately - where does it all go ?

The laws of physics tell us you cannot get rid of anything, you simply turn it into something else, we cannot ‘make’ something we simply turn things into other things, following that . . . for all the money that is ‘lost’ there must be a recipient - I read today of multi-billion $ and £ losses and ‘black holes’.
But money simply can’t just go down the drain - who gets it ?

Money is confusing nowadays.
The complexity of hedge funds, short selling, derivative trading etc is such that one begins to think that it’s all illusory, at best a House of Cards at worst a complete illusion, a financial stage act - all smoke and mirrors.

I walked by HMV today and the signs say it’s closing down, it means you will not be able to buy movies or music in the town centre, a sign of the times.
They’ve gone bankrupt and owe millions, the county is bankrupt and owes untold billions, that money was once handled and is now lost, if it’s gone it’s gone somewhere - somebody has it ?
Who ?

There are trillion $ black holes in the world and that means some people must have it - if they don’t have it then by definition . . .
It never really existed !

Perhaps that’s the real trouble - it’s all been a dream, or nightmare if you will, the Western World has been living in an illusory world, it never really did add up and now it’s over.
I keep hearing of a financial crisis, double dip recessions etc etc - all of these terms suggest a temporary situation - something to be endured which will go away eventually and all will be as it was - a bit like having a filling at the dentist . . .

I don’t think it will, what you see now is, I believe, a realignment and the basis of the future.
We haven’t really lost everything because most of it never really existed in the real world.

Philosophically yours,

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