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What Would History Make of Us Today

Thanks to the inspiration from Lucy we have a good topic for a post !
If historical figures were to travel to our time just what would they make of the world in which we live ?
Obviously , there are huge advances and amazing technology but has everything changed and if so is it all for the better ?

Quite what somebody who had only ever travelled in a wooden cart would make of a jet plane is unimaginable.
Would their mind be able to even deal with the changes ?

The biggest changes that spring immediately to my mind are transport and communication.
Much of what we have today is simply more advanced than before but intrinsically much the same.
The Romans gave us proper buildings, tiled roofs, sanitation, central heating and hot water for hygiene.

Somehow though I think Caesar would be less impressed with a mobile phone than we should be of his achievements !

This is an expansive topic once you start thinking about it and I’m struggling to keep the post at a manageable length that people will read.

    A: What’s got better ?
    B: What’s got worse ?
    C: What’s hardly changed at all ?

How about some ideas that fit into the above 3 categories ?
Here are some of mine - feel free to share yours

A: Medicine, travel, communication and education
B: Much of the food we eat, the countryside and land around us, selfishness, lack of firm leadership
C: War, religion, people still starve to death, many people still cannot read and write in Britain

This post feels like it could go on forever but I’ll not weary your eyes in the first instance.

I suppose when looking back at things, be it a couple of years, decades or centuries, some things will look better and others worse.
Given that evolution has continued and technical advances have been mind-blowing the only real question for me is …
Are we where we should be and have we done the best for mankind with the opportunities we’ve had ?

Thanks again to Lucy - there’s a gold mine of interest of offshoots here
All the best

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  1. Witches of Eastwick said,

    December 13, 2008 @ 12:07 am


    It’s late and we’ve had a long day but we will say this ……

    During the past few weeks there have been articles/tv debate about global warming and how it’s too late already to prevent the ravishes of future climate change and another that stated ‘man’ had reached his utopia and that this is about as good as it gets with reference to evolution. So with all that in mind things are pretty gloomy never mind the credit crunch. Therefore if we’ve got this right…. mankind and every other living thing here on earth has evolved from a single cell organism and it’s taken this long…. what do we have to show for it? In our view probably not enough knowledge and technology to get us off this planet to a new one before the final curtain. Still what chances did mankind really have when the whole system from day one was all about power and profit and greed, war and control/religion? Have we made the best of it? Given time to make amends would mankind go back and do things differently …. we’d fool ourselves into thinking we would but in truth there are always too many uncontrollable diversions. If only we’d been the sort of animals who were kind to one another then perhaps we’d have made the best of our opportunities.


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