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Unmarried Women in Lincolnshire ~ What’s Going On !?

The Spinsters of Lincolnshire
What do I, Lincolnshire Bluestockings and an American newspaper from the 1920s have in common . . .

Marriage - or the lack of interest in it :)

I came across an extraordinary story in, quite bizarrely, a 1926 edition of The Milwaukee Journal newspaper . . .

Lincolnshire Girls: Spinsters By Choice
That’s the headline and after suggesting that American women dote on whirlwind romances they suggest they take a leaf out of the 150,000 Lincolnshire women :shock:
“Leave us alone, we don’t want to get married, we want peace” is their quote from a Lincolnshire Lass.

The statistic is that in 1929 there were 305,678 women in Lincolnshire and nearly half were unmarried. I don’t know what the national statistics were at the time but presumably this was unusual, hence the article.
An elderly spinster from Boston claims that Lincolnshire women have always been slow to marry whilst another goes on to blame the men:

“Our men are such a poor lot, they think of nothing but turnips and pigs and have nothing to say”
“A man in the next village courted me for 20 years and only ever gave me a ham at Christmas time, he did once buy me a brooch at a fair but the stone fell out the next day”

This is obviously fabulous stuff, both interesting and entertaining.
I wonder how things are in Lincolnshire today, is marriage still the institution it once was ?

Is marriage on the way out and are men still slow to commit and pop the question and if so why ?

Matrimonially yours,


  1. v said,

    February 8, 2013 @ 6:48 pm

    are men still slow to commit and pop the question and if so why ?

    It s because they think only of turnips and pigs ……………

    fantastic …….

  2. veronica said,

    February 9, 2013 @ 8:43 am

    On a more serious note,

    The Portsmouth Evening News in 1903 in an article about Spinsters and Bachelors claimed that the 1901 census showed an interesting distribution of spinsters geographically and in agricultural counties such as Lincolnshire, spinsters were in the minority in 1901.

    I think the significance here is that these items in your post are dated post world war 1

    There had been a massive reduction in the young male population following WW1 which caused an increase in unmarried women. Women had also been acknowledged after the war as being independent and useful because of their war efforts Also the suffragette movement had made women more choosey and feisty .

  3. Rod said,

    February 9, 2013 @ 9:03 am

    I presumed the WW1 effect as well.
    It’s interesting that Lincolnshire was picked out though, as I said presumably for a reason.

    The suffragette movement point is an excellent one V, it would befascinating to know just how much of it filtered into rural areas . . .
    Thanks and regards,

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