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Thoresway Village & Church ~ History and Pictures

Thoresway Village and church History
Photographs and research on this lovely little English village in the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Thoresway is a lovely little village not far from the Roman Town of Caistor and still has many interesting historic and architectural features.
Amid the rolling Wold hills sits St Mary’s church . . .

St Mary's Church at Thoresway

St Mary’s Church at Thoresway

It’s Norman in origin but extensively rebuilt in 1878-1880 by James Fowler. Some of the medieval has survived but much is gone. One of the most interesting internal features can be seen below . . .

Grave Covers

Grave Covers - Tomb Lids

Thoresway does pre-date the Norman Conquest and is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086. It’s listed as Toreswe and pre-conquest the good old Anglo-Saxon Lord of was Koddi - Rolf son of Skjaldvor, after the Battle of Hasting it was handed on a plate to Alfred of Lincoln !
It looks to have been of a decent size with 40 acres of meadows and 2 mills listed, no mention of a church or rector though so presumably no Anglo-Saxon church.
The etymology of the village name looks to be surely of Saxon origin though with Streatfeild suggesting the name is a corruption of Thoresvegr meaning Thor’s Road. He goes on to suggest that the village may have been a chief centre of Danish colonization and also that the name may not derive from above but be directly related to a site of Pagan Worship.

Weelsby Woods

Thoresway Earthworks

Earthworks are everywhere, an example shown above, and they date way back.
A probable Bronze Age round barrow cemetery, Neolithic, Roman, Medieval and Post Medieval finds and a Medieval Cistercian grange.
Roman and Medieval field boundaries abound, they’re everywhere and easily seen for those with an interest and an educated eye.

Thoresway Wheelhouse

Thoresway Wheelhouse

There’s a great deal to this village the the history therein. I would hope to go into all aspects of it in as much depth as we choose.
To that effect we’ll move over to comments below so we can mention and discuss any and all aspects and periods of Thoresway’s history.
All the best


  1. veronica said,

    December 1, 2012 @ 10:20 am

    An excellent post, Rod with super photos and excellent deductions. Those tomb covers are fantastic!

    From an initial sweep of the newspapers there is just the usual ‘’hatches, mataches and dispatches'’ i.e. family announcements.

    But these are interesting perhaps about the new organ which must date from1882 and the Rector’s name for 1904.

    Stamford Mercury

    Friday 30 June 1882

    A new organ was dedicated theat day at the parish church in Thoresway. The weather was bad but a large number of clergy and laity assembled to do honour to the occasion.

    Grantham Journal

    Saturday 22nd 1904

    At Clipsham, Rev Goffe Rector of Thoresway preached on Korea at a lantern lecture and raised £1.2s 9d

    Saturday 29 October 1904

    At Castle Bytham, Rev. H. F. Goffe, Rector of Thoresway, preached and the collection, amounting to 16s. 4d. was given to Missions to Korea.

    Who, nowadays, would ever think there was once such a link between Thoresway and Korea!

  2. Richard Oliver said,

    December 1, 2012 @ 12:01 pm

    Ah, one of my favorite villages! The ‘wheelhouse’ contains a ‘narrow’ waterwheel that was driven by the dribble of a stream running through it. A shaft came out at 1st floor level and ran across the road to drive machinery in the farm opposite. Must always have been very unusual!

  3. Rod said,

    December 1, 2012 @ 6:44 pm

    I love this village too, it’s a lovely spot, also feels very much more ‘open’ than other villages, less cluttered, better laid out if you will.

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