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The Royal Champions of Lincolnshire

The Royal Champions of Lincolnshire
Lincolnshire is the home of many things but how many know it’s the home of The Queen’s Champion ?
From Medieval times to the Modern Day - this is quite a thing for the Golden Shire. . .

In the heart of rural Lincolnshire lies Scrivelsby and there reside the Hereditary Grand Champions of England and it’s been that way since Domesday !

What is a King or Queen’s Champion ?
Anciently, in theory, the King’s Champion would have fought in single combat in place of the King, a role usually given to the greatest warrior in th eland who stood and fought by the king’s side.
In the Medieval period the role was ceremonial, as it disappointingly remains today, and is largely confined to the coronation.
The Champion would Throw Down the Gauntlet at a coronation to see if anybody would object to the crowning of a new King or Queen by picking up the gauntlet and accepting the challenge - there is no record of anyone ever having done so

At the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II the Lord of the Manor of Scrivelsby Lt Col John Lindley Marmion Dymoke acted as the Queen’s Champion.
The official office was created by William the Conqueror and given Robert Marmion who fought by his side at The Battle of Hastings.
Along with the position he was granted the Manor of Scrivelsby in Lincolnshire, complete with ‘the right of free warren and gallows’
The title was hereditary and so it came to Lincolnshire and for all intent and purpose stayed here.

The male side of the Marmion line died out in 1292 when Philip Marmion died leaving 4 daughters but no male heirs.
Things righted themselves in 1350 when Margaret, a female descendent, married Sir John Dymoke who acted at the coronation of Richard II

There’s all sorts we can add to this but for reasons of brevity we’ll keep this as an overview and add to it in comment form below, if you can add anything connected then please do.

All the best

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