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The Last True Prince of Wales & Lincolnshire

The last Prince of an Independent Wales, King Edward I and Lincolnshire
An unlikely amalgam but one I’ll make stick with quite a remarkable little story . . .

It’s the 1200s and King Edward I, below, sits on the English Throne and Wales in Independent, but not for long.
Llywelyn ap Gruffydd or Llywelyn the Last was the last Prince of Wales to rule over the Independent Welsh which he did until King Edward I conquered Wales and took what little was worth having, ;) , for himself.

Llewellyn was killed and with him the title Prince of Wales (for the time being of course) but according to a nice little snippet I’ve just found written in 1896 Llewellyn had a son and sons of conquered royalty are, history tells us, always potentially problematic.

So, Edward has a problem, what to do with the boy?
An unfortunate accident or a dubious mushroom would do, and often did during those times, the trick but no, King Edward showed mercy and decided he should be hidden far away, out of general circulation and somewhere he wouldn’t cause trouble with the Revolting Peasants of Wales . . .

Lincolnshire, of course!

More precisely the Lincolnshire Marshlands and a small Gilbertine Priory at Alvingham, being Llewellyn’s son he the next Prince of Wales, true born and arguably the last as opposed to his father - but was he . . .

Interesting as this story is I wonder how it ties in with one we went into on the site previously Gwenllian Princess of Wales in Lincolnshire - a remarkably similar story !?

So, where does that leave us, did both the last ever true Prince and Princess of Wales end up in Lincolnshire priories, is the story apocryphal or is it simply perhaps the fate of all conquered royalty to end their days in the Hallowed Shire.


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