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Skulls & Bog Bodies at Fiskerton in Lincolnshire

Bog Bodies at Fiskerton in Lincolnshire
Fiskerton is a small village close to Lincoln, the area is of great early historic importance and there’s been many a great find on the land the banks the River Witham

Fiskerton Fen, a Place I’ve been Before, was the site of a tremendous discovery, two Iron Age boats, one of which can be seen, still in remarkable condition, at the Collection in Lincoln, I photographed it some time ago.
Add to that a wooden causeway dated 300BC (was this excavated by Time Team?) plus swords, daggers and shield bosses etc you get an idea of what a special area it is.

There have also been several Neolithic polished stone axes found.
From later times, four socketed axes, Roman coins a Roman bronze skillet was found in the river Witham at Fiskerton.

The nature of certain bogs means things are sometimes well preserved, not just wood but also bone and back in 2003 a man walking his dog at Fiskerton saw an object in the mud . . .

I turned out to be a human skull, the police were called but soon it was clear it was ancient so off it went for dating with the hope it would be like a similar skull which appeared to have a sword strike!

This skull was of a 45 year old man and it was dated 390BC to 150BC !!

It certainly looks as though there’s a ritual element to the site, the number of spear heads etc certainly suggests there was a Pagan Worship element with all these goods being ritual offerings rather than lost goods or the remnants of battle.

It really does make you wonder what went on, what life was like and what still lies there unfound.

I’d be keen to find out about other finds at Fiskerton, I’m sure there’s much more unrecorded . . .
All the best


  1. angry_mutant said,

    March 12, 2013 @ 12:23 pm

    Hi Rod.

    I know you of all people won’t really need an excuse to pay a return visit to The Collection in Lincoln, but the Witham Shield is on display there from tomorrow untl the middle of June. It normally lives in the British Museum, and I believe it has not been in the Celestial Shire (whence it originated) for about 150 years. It was found in the Witham near Fiskerton and, although made of bronze, dates back to the Iron Age. There is a replica on permanent display at The Collection, and even that is a bit awe inspiring. Assuming the shield was put into the river as a votive offering, it must have been from someone needing a lot of divine intervention, and with a fair few groats stuffed under the mattress; I reckon today’s equivalent would be to chuck something like a top of the range Mercedes or a Ferrari into the waters!

    Anyway, this Pagan will be going to have a look in the next week or two, but, if you get there first, please let us know about it.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Rod said,

    March 12, 2013 @ 7:12 pm

    thanks for the tip off, really appreciated, that’s right up my street and I’ll get there asap !
    I agree about the importance of this as a votive offering, it was a huge status symbol to dispose of, I would dearly love to know more about the man who owned it, how fascinating would that be

    Thanks again

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