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Randy Rhoads Jackson RR1T Shark Fin Guitar Review

A review of the classic Randy Rhoads Jackson RR1T Shark Fin guitar
The signature axe of legendary Ozzy Osbourne lead guitarist Randy Rhoads

This instrument has quite a history stretching back some years. Designed specially for the hugely influential former Quiet Riot guitarist. It’s latest incarnation comes with a special finish called Acapulco Gold and is available on the USA made instruments.

Jackson Randy Rhoads

Alison Waite - Guitar- Models Own ;)

The alder body has a very fast through neck and ebony fingerboard. Loaded with Seymour Duncan pickups and an original Floyd Rose whammy bar.
Originally based on a redesigned Flying V that RR was famous for (the polka dot one) it has stood the test of time and is still popular today.
Granted, whilst aimed mainly at the fans of this tragically missed musician it does also make a fine choice for anyone interested in buying something tasty for heavy rock style playing.

The USA signature models are not cheap, though money can be saved if you want to buy online.
This is the way to find the cheapest and best price but at this level checking out the instrument in person is infinitely preferable to ordering blind from a website.

There is a left-handed model available and also for those on a more stringent budget cheaper models are also made.
Overall a classic guitar and highly recommended to collectors and fans of the man himself.

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