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Peter Moss ~ Ceramics Artist ~ Caistor Exhibition Review

Peter Moss ~ Ceramics Artist
Today was a day for a Dose of Culture, much needed I don’t mind telling you, but . . .
Ceramics ? That and it started snowing . . . driving over the Wolds hmmm ?
Did I go and was it worth it . . . ?

Those who know me well know one thing, I’m absolutely honest, I only ever tell the truth, it causes more problems than lying ;)
So, in the spirit of honesty the idea of driving to Caistor just as the snow started to come down (I thought that finished last week?!) to look at ceramics gave pause for thought.
But only a moment’s thought
Put your faith in Noel and Marion Black, 28 Plough Hill and the chance to meet the artist himself - you’ve never been let down yet boy - go forth and seek culture young man

Lincolnshire Artist Peter Moss

Lincolnshire Artist Peter Moss

A heroic effort on the driving front (that is I switched the wipers on) saw me at the Roman Fortified Town of Caistor and very pleased I was too.
Once again a great exhibition !
My hesitation at ceramics was, it turns out, not due to ceramics per se but my ignorance - ignorance being the only thing I have an abundance of.
It was truly fascinating
Ceramic work on china clay boards which looked similar to paintings but which had been fired at over 1,000 degrees in a kiln.
I particularly liked the clay works, one is seen above back-dropping the artist himself, it was once again a lesson and widening of my horizons

Caistor Art Gallery exhibition

Peter Moss Ceramic Artwork

Meeting Peter himself really helped too, having the process explained once again helps tremendously not only in understanding the pieces but also appreciating them fully.
There’s a huge amount of work involved, a great eye and a wonderful almost archaic skill, some pieces have to be fired in the kiln 6 or 7 times.
Once again I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition and the atmosphere at the Caistor Art and heritage Centre which was once again buzzing and without doubt the only place to be this Saturday.

If you’re anywhere near then do drop in, see some very interesting art, take the weight off your feet, have a drink and something to eat in convivial surroundings - what more could you want.
My thanks to all concerned in putting the exhibition again and to Peter Moss for being kind enough to talk to me and explain something of his wonderful work, and all the very pleasant people it was my good fortune to meet today.

All the best


  1. Little Brother said,

    February 3, 2013 @ 7:47 am

    Very clever art, deserving of more appreciation. All too often we don not appreciate just what goes into making pieces like this.

  2. Rod said,

    February 3, 2013 @ 7:48 pm

    it is indeed clever stuff, far more varied than I’d imagined as well, another great exhibition

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