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Killingholme Baptist Church Register Transcribed by David Alan Stapp

David Alan Stapp has kindly sent me his work on transcribing the Killingholme Baptist Church Register.
I’ve prepared this page as it’s of great interest - the following is David’s work and we’re indebted to him for it.

Transcription of the


by David Alan Stapp

nonconformist Baptist Wesleyan

South Killingholme Baptist Chapel
The Old General Baptist Church at Killingolme, dated 1792 above the door. Another church existed upon the same site on land sold and/or donated by the Stapp family in 1734 & 1747 respectively.

Note: there are 2 different registries for the Killingholme Baptist Church at the Northeast Lincolnshire Archives in Grimsby. They are copies of each other, both holding replicated information from the original registry church book that is no longer in existence. There must have been another registry with information from older dates, but it too has been lost.

More information about the history of the church and registers can be found in “The History of South Killingholme Baptist Church” by L.H. Prior, 1983.

An abstract from the title page of the old Book of the General Baptist Church at Killinholm from the year of our Lord 1686 which at that time had meetings at Elsham, Melton, Keelby, Killingholm, and Winterton – in the County of Lincoln under the care of Thomas Seargeant Elder, John Tomlinson, Brother Wood, and Samuell Hannah Deacons being the eighteenth day of the sixth month commonly called August in the year of our Lord Christ. SS.

Here followth an account of the names and places of the officers and members of the said Church when this Book began ~

In Elsham

Thomas Seargeant Elder
John Tomlinson
Samuell Hannah Senior } Deacons
Richard Watson
Robert Mumby
Eunice Seargeant
Phebe Hannah
Ann Wason
Eliz’th Tomlinson
Mary Seargeant

Benjamin Seargeant
Nehemiah Lunn
Joseph Hannah
Samuel Hannah junior
Mary Mumby
Drusilla Lunn
Eliz’th Neale.

Thomas and Joseph Seargeant sons of Benjamin Seargeant by Mary his wife was born Jan’y the 25 in the year 1709. Uncertain others.

In Melton Ross

James Wood Deacon
Alise Wood
Walter Benton
Naomi Benton
John Sleight
Susanna Sleight
Susanna Green

In Wrawby

In Glamford Brigg

Ellin Butter
Hannah Cade
Jane Cade
Tho. Cade
Margover Curtis
And the breathren whose names are uncertain.
Ann Drewry
Eliz’th Goodwin

In Wootton

Richard and Isabell Willson

In Grasby

Thomas Humphrey and serverall un ledgeable names by reason of being fore and old age.

Members in Keelby

Hannah Bowerly
John Willes
Ann Willes
Richard Atkinson
Elizabeth Atkinson
Jane Neale Wels VC:

Members in Killingholm

Allgum Whitlam
Margaret Whitlam
Elizabeth Milson
Ann Wilson
Eliz’th Kirk
John Green
Mary Green
Ellice Tapp (Ellis Stapp)
Eliz: Tapp (Elizabeth Stapp)
Thomas Johnson
Jane Lawson
Juda Richill
Ann Short
Sarah Reughton
Elizabeth Tuplin
Ann Milson with Severall others

Children Born in Elsham as follow the Sarah Tomlinson daughter of John Tomlinson and Elizabeth his wife was born July the 24th in the year 1686 and betwixt them and 1703 four more whose names cannot be made out

John Lun the sume of Nehemiah Lun by Drusiallah his wife was born November the 17th in the year 1703. William Sergeant the son of Benjamin Sergeant by Mary his wife was born Februrary the 8th in the year 1703 & two to Robert Mumby by Mary his wife in the years 1702 and 1703.

John Brampton of Habrough and Elizabeth his wife was baptized February the 19th 1703.

John Tompson of Barrowwas Baptized March the 3rd 1703.

A daughter born to them the 12th day of march 1704

Thomas Dawson of Winterton was buryed May the 5th

Ellin Point of Winteringham was buryed

Robert Mumby of Elsham was buryed

Elizabeth Neal of Elsham was buryed and

Ann Drury late wife of Thomas Drury was buryed July the 9th in the year of our Lord 1704

Ann Sanderson (Sinderson?) of Keelby the 2’d of October 1704

Ann Willson of Keelby the same day

Thomas Wakeham of Killingholm was baptized

Francis humphrey and John Wadson all on the first of Janurary in the year 1704

Ann Wiles (Willis?) and Elizabeth Coarden of Keelby was baptized January the sixth in the yar 1704.

Samuell Lunn the son of Nehemiah Lunn and Drusillah his wife was born December the 26th in the year 1704.

Benjamin Sergeant son of Benjamin Sergeant by Mary his wife was born January the 7th in the year 1704

Joan Sleight the daughter of John Sleight by Susanna his wife was born January the 21st in the year 1704.

Thomas Dalson of Habrough, William Cotingham, William Richardson, Susanna Richardson, Richard Sanderson of Keelby and Friend Thomason of Barrow all baptized January the 1st in the year 1704.

Ellis Stapp of Killingholm Baptized Feb 3, 1704 with Serverall other Baptized and born that is not to be made out.

Six baptized march the 31 in 1705 whose names are Lost.

James Wood of Melton Ross chosen Elder by the Generall consent of the church and ordained to his office by me Joseph Hooke, messenger, the 19th day of August in the year of our Lord 1705.

Three members added to the Church the 29 of Sept and one from Kinston upon Hull Oct 14 1704.

Mary Dunn the wife of Thomas Dunn of Wrawby was baptized the 26 of December 1704.

With numbers more unintelligible besides births and burials

John Bowthe? (Bartle?) of Roxby
Thomas Webster of Winter[illigible]
John Nickolson of Killingholme and

Hannah, Sarah, and Elizabeth Tomlinson of Elsham, and Elizabeth Wright of Hull all was baptized the twelfth of June in 1708.

Daniesell (Daniell?) Dauber and Jane Hannah was married Jan the 1st of 1707.

Ann the daughter of Thos. Thompson of Barrow was born the 14 of Jan 1707.

Willy Dwason son of Thos. Dawson of Habrough born the [missing] of Jan 1707.

Mary Mumby the wife of John Mumby of Bigby was Baptized the 16 of August 1707.

Mary Seargeant daughter of Benjamin Seargent by Mary his wife was born March the 8 1707.

Jane Cade daughter of John and Hannah Cade was born March the 12 1707.

John Cade son of John and Hannah Cade was born March the 17 1708.

Francis Humfre the son of Francis Humfre and Alise his wife was born the June the 29 in the year 1708.

Isabell and Jane Neale daughters of Richard Neale was born both at Habrough December the 6 1708.

Samuell Watson son of Richard and Ann Watson was born March the 1 in the year 1708.

James Clark the husband Beirbray Clark died January the 17 1708.

Samuell Hannah and Mary Stapp was married the 27 of Aprill 1709.

Susanna and Elizabeth Ward of Hull both was baptized December the 3 1710.

Susanna Beverley the wife of William Beverley was buried March the 12 in the year 1710.

For the year of our Lord 1711:

Thomas Robertson buried the 17 of Aprill

Elizabeth Mumby of Bigby the 30 of May

James Stapp the son of Elis and Elizabeth Stapp was born January the 3

Samuell Hannah Jun. of Bonby? Was buried November the 3’d.

Francis Cocking of Keelby baptized Febrary the 2

Faith the daughter of Thomas and Mary Houson was born the 18th of August 1711.

For the year of our Lord 1712:

Ann Hartter and Elizabeth Cottingham of Killingholm both baptized on the 4 of Aprill.

Elizabeth Shearlock of Glamford Bridge baptized Aprill 9.

Edward halle and Mary Hannah was married May the 15.

Mary Wilkinson of Killingholme widow was buried the 8 of May and William Whitelam was buried the 9 of June 1712.

Jonathon Bowerley of Keelby and Mary his wife was baptized the 2 of June

John Hannah the son of Joseph Hannah of Melton Ross by Sarah his wife was born to them the seventeenth day of January in the year 1712/13.

Richard Seargeant son to Benmamin Seargeant of Elsham by Mary his wife was born the 8 of Feb’y.

John Wiles jun. of Keelby and Ann King of Killingholme was both baptized the 22 of February 1712/13.

For the year of our Lord 1713:

Francis Burrell and Ann King both of Killingholme was married the 22 of May.

Richard Watson of Elsham was buried August ye 11

Thomas Cade of Wrawby was buried November ye 11

Daniell Wiles and Ellin Wiles both of Keelby and Thomas Cockin and John Atkison all baptized the third of September 1715.

Sarah Troughton wife of Thomas Troughton was buried the 31 of December 1715.

Jane Cade of Wrawby was buried the 21 of Jan 1716

William Beverley of Keelby was buried the 5 of March

Sarah Wheldals wife of Thomas Wheldals of Kensington was buried 22 of Aprill

Samuell Hannah Deacon late of Elsham was buried the 26 of April 1716.

William Wilkerton of Wooton and Elizabeth Spear? Of Barton was baptized the first of Decmber.

Elizabeth Hubes of Winterton widdowe was buried Jan 12, 1716/17.

Sarah Mission the wife of Marmaduke Mission Ferraby was buried the 3 of May.

John Burill the son of Francis Burill and Anne his wife was born the 4 day of Decmber 1717.

Thomas Burrill the son of Francis Burill and Ann his wife was born the 11 of May 1718.

Samuell Stapp son of Ellis Stapp of Killingholme by Elizabeth his wife was born the 14 of May 1718.

John Cambill the son of Daniell Cambill and Ela his wife of Killingolm was born the 2 of October [illegibile].

Ann Cambill the daughter of Daniell Cambill and Mary his wife was born Feb the 8 1722.

Hannah Humphrey daughter of Thomas Humphrey and Edorees his wife was born November the 27th.
Joseph Humphrey born March 15 1718. Sarah was born July the 21, 1719 and Benjamin November 17 1722.

William and Elien Gibson of Killingholme
Several children born whose names is lost.

David Paddison and Elizabeth Milson alas married March the 25 in the year 1737.

David Paddison and Hannah Bealay was married March the 25 in the year 1753.

July the 18 1737

At our Church meeting for disipling (discipling) for making up of differences did proceed as follows first have south the Lord by prayer we tooke into consideration a difference between John Brader and John Stapp which was happily agreed. Next we admonished John Brader to be humbled for his son of Intemperat drinking which he confessed and promised amendment. So the church forgave him, further we all agreed that all things that had been a cause of grief to the church should nowe be laid aside everyone one passing by his brother’s infirmity and bein a new as the y had not been all indevering in the strength of the lord to walk as inifencively as may be in love peace and unity as witness our hands in behalf of the church.

Wm Johnson, messenger
Thomas Wakeham, Elder
Will Solden
Rob’t Sowby
John Stapp
John Brader

Mr. Thomas Wakeham died Feb. the 14 1747

March the 21 1747 died Thomas Stapp Riby

Ann Sanderson Feb’y the 2’d 1747

Mary Jacklin died in December 1747

Aprill the 17 died Joseph Atkinson of Keelby, Deacon and teacher.

Joseph Hannah of Worlaby deacon of Church at Killingholme died in March 1759; 81st year of his age.

Many whose dates is wore away as been set apart.

Some for marring out of communion. Some for seeking to those that was supposed to have familiar Spirits and disorderly walking and Drunkeness which I have set down upon record for example for them that shall come after.

John Hannah of Worlaby and Ammey Crewther of Wrawby was married May the 27 1743.

Sarah the daughter of John and Ammey Hannah was born at Worlaby the 5 of Aprill 1744 and was baptized at Conningsby at midsummer.

Joseph Hannah the son of John and Ammey Hannah was born at Worlaby Decmber the 12 1715.

Jane the daughter of John and Ammey Hannah was born at Worlaby March the 25 1747.

John the son of John and Ammey Hannah was born at Worlaby October the 28 1749.

Ammey the daughter of John and Ammey Hannah was born at Worlaby march the 28 1752.

Jane the daughter of John and Ammey Hannah was born at Worlaby June the 17 1753.

Mary the daughter of John and Ammey Hannah was born the 6 of December 1755 at Worlaby.

Joseph the son of John and Ammey Hannah was born at Worlaby May the 5 1758.

Elizabeth the daughter of John and Ammey Hannah was born the 3 of March 1760 at Worlaby.

Joseph the son of John and Ammey Hannah was born at Worlaby December the 1 1765.

This is the account of the family of that Rev’d John Hannah who was chosen Oct the 3 1773 in a Publick mannaer by the Unanimous Consent of the Church to the Paserall Care and was ordained Elder of this Church at Killingholm by the Reverend Mr. Thompson of Bost and Mr. Dan Taylor of Wadsworth in Yorkshire. NB } the above John Hannah place of abode was then at Worlaby near Brigg.

David Paddison son of David Paddison and Elizabeth his wife was born February the 12 1738.

George the son of David Paddison and Elizabeth his wife was born June 18 1739.

Samuell Paddison son of David and Elizabeth Paddison was born July the 21 1740.

Elizabeth was born July the 21 1740.

Elizabeth the daughter of David and Elizabeth Paddison was born the 16 of March 1754 at Killingholm.

Jun the 8 1748 A register of the Names of the members of the Baptist Church belonging to the Chappell at Killingholm:


William Soulden and Elizabeth his wife
John Kingston and Mary his wife
John Tutty and Jane Tutty.


Joseph Hannah and Elizabeth his wife
John Hannah


Tho’s. Humphra
Sarah Humphra
Hannah Humphra


John Wills and Mary Wills


Tho. Sargan (Sergeant)
Mary Sargan (Sergeant)
Francis Wilerton
Ruth Wilerton
John Adkinson
Frany Adkinson
Sarg Gouseman
Mary Cocking
Franney Adkinson


Daniel WIls
Mary Wils
Ann Are
Ann Lion
Ann Stark


Ann Phillipson
Hannah Bratta (Bralta?)


John Gabson
Elizabeth Gabson
Elizabeth Whitelem
David Paddison
Lyda Paddison
William Gibson
Elin Gibson
Peter Tupeling
Mary Tupeling
Ann Wait
Stephen Tuckilin
John Brother
Margrit Marail
Richard Sanderson
Richary Drewery
Habour Buckels
Daniel Cambel (Campbell)


See also Killingholme Baptist Church


  1. David said,

    September 20, 2010 @ 7:38 am

    Thanks for the posting Rod. Hopefully this will be of use to others in the area who are interested in the church.

  2. chris keyworth said,

    September 20, 2010 @ 10:36 am

    very interesting thanks Rod and thankyou again David


  3. Amiguru said,

    September 20, 2010 @ 4:19 pm


    I might as well pop this here as anywhere:

    Notes and Queries 1856 “Descendants of John Bunyan - The late Robert Bunyan had one daughter, the present Mrs. Keyworth of Lincoln. She has two sons and one daughter living. These are the direct descendants of John Bunyan, in the female line.”

    Hope that is of interest to you.

  4. chris keyworth said,

    September 20, 2010 @ 6:43 pm


    my family come from nottingham then lincoln then caistor then grimsby then ulceby so they could be relatives


  5. chris keyworth said,

    September 20, 2010 @ 6:45 pm

    incidentaly the Chapman family from North Killingholme now own the baptist chapel


  6. David Alan Stapp said,

    September 22, 2010 @ 10:21 am

    A little more to go along with the history of the church (actually predating its registery book by a couple of years) is the Compton Census of 1676, which gave only numbers (not names unfortunately) of individuals within each parish who were Conformists, Nonconformists, and Papists.

    Conformists: 136
    Papists: 0
    Nonconformists: 0

    Conformists: 163
    Papists: 0
    Nonconformists: 10

    Conformists: 160
    Papists: 0
    Nonconformists: 7

    So as you can see from the parish registry book above, it appears that the church(es) had been growing from the date of the Compton Census (1676) and the first date of the registry book (1686).

  7. marcus said,

    September 30, 2010 @ 12:26 am

    “Some for seeking to those that was supposed to have familiar Spirits” Would this mean people accused of witchery?.
    and if so does anyone have any info on the supposed witches.

  8. Rod said,

    September 30, 2010 @ 8:36 am

    excellent - that I don’t know - perhaps someone else can help or suggest a meaning - a very interesting quote you’ve pulled out though.

  9. chris keyworth said,

    September 30, 2010 @ 9:59 am

    Marcus has brought up a valid point which has been overlooked here, we are firmly in the age of the whichcraft trials with this one and this lot where in the thick of it so there must be info out there about it.


  10. David Alan Stapp said,

    November 15, 2010 @ 10:17 pm

    I think that he is referring to booze as “spirits” considering that he mentions drunkeness in the same sentence. i’m not sure that there was much to do back in the day; i would have enjoyed a nice pint for sure.

  11. Chris Keyworth said,

    June 2, 2012 @ 11:54 pm

    hi david
    please can you add me on facebook as ive got some photos on there you may find interesting my facebook email is

  12. Chris Keyworth said,

    June 12, 2012 @ 11:08 pm

    W E. Stepp and David Alan Stapp thanks for making contact its very much appreciated

  13. jim said,

    August 24, 2012 @ 9:00 pm

    Anyone heard of a witches cauldron in Killingholme Manor ?

  14. W. Stepp said,

    February 15, 2013 @ 1:57 pm

    Researchers David Alan Stapp ( American ) and the late Beryl Bailey ( English ) found records on the Stapp Family in Lincolnshire going back to the 1500s . Thomas ( circa 1570s - circa 1650 ) and Anne Stapp ( died 1642 , Elsham) lived in Elsham in the late 1500s and early 1600s . The family then was found in Killingholme ( Gentil Farm in Killingholme mentioned in Thomas’ 1650 probated will ) and Immingham through the 1600s . The cousins or brothers Abraham and Joshua emigrated in the mid 1600s . Abraham settled in Essex County , Virginia in the 1660s . Joshua settled in Henrico County , Virginia circa the 1670s .

  15. Kat Robinson said,

    February 27, 2013 @ 10:39 am

    To Jim re Witches Cauldron Killingholme Manor.

    Havn’t heard of this but I have heard of some stories regarding an old pot at East Halton Manor House. It has been bricked up in the cellar when the house was modernised in the 1970’s.

    Regards Kath

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