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Hare Coursing in Lincolnshire ~ Now & Then !

Hare Coursing in Lincolnshire
A look at this controversial subject, the history and the fact it still goes on today . . .

Hare Coursing is a ‘Countryside Sport’ which has gone on for centuries and involves the ‘hunting’ of hares with dogs, namely Greyhound type hounds.
There are 2 basic types of Hare Coursing, formal and informal.
The informal being more hunting / vermin control whereas the formal which tended to be done originally by landowners using Sightdogs and was for betting and ‘entertainment’ and ’sport’

Hare Coursing in now illegal in the UK but it still goes on !
Only this week 3 people were convicted here in a Lincolnshire Court for Hare Coursing, they were so-called travellers and were fined £1,500 !
It’s worth mentioning that although it is illegal in Britain it still goes on in Ireland, as well as European Countries and parts of America and Russia where it is perfectly legal.

I don’t really propose to get into the rights and wrongs of the issue as it’s academic. I imagine most people find it cruel and unnecessary whilst those who support do so and never the twain shall meet - as with fox hunting both sides have their arguments which are pretty obvious so there’s no need to go into them here.

I’m interested in the history of it here in Lincolnshire

There’s an 1800 account of a Hare Course in Lincolnshire which states that a brace of Greyhounds chased a Hare for a distance of 4 miles in only 12 minutes, the Hare ran itself to death and that accompanying riders ‘much distressed their horses’ trying to keep up.

You can’t really talk about any form of hunting here in Lincolnshire without mentioning Lord Yarborough, he owns great chunk of the county and generations are known as keen adherents to hunting and shooting in all forms.
An 1806 account in Sporting Magazine they make mention of hares ‘being set off on a course’ but the only 2 kills were down to a hound bred from Lord Yarborough’s own coursing dogs.

If you can add any more information of a historic nature on Hare Coursing in Lincolnshire then please do leave a comments
Thanks in advance,


  1. Amiguru said,

    February 6, 2013 @ 12:47 pm


    Briefly, I could offer quite a bit on the subject but based in Norfolk in the 18th. C. so it doesn’t count….:(


  2. Rod said,

    February 6, 2013 @ 6:57 pm

    many thanks all the same

  3. daveh said,

    February 10, 2013 @ 12:09 pm

    There used to be hare coursing in the fens between bourne and spalding,one of the farms had a weather vane on it with dogs chasing the hare and the letters EECC, (east elloe coursing club),not been that way lately but i will try to get photo for you if its still there.

  4. Rod said,

    February 10, 2013 @ 1:02 pm

    thanks for the information, very much appreciated

  5. v said,

    February 10, 2013 @ 1:40 pm

    Stamford Mercury

    In 1877, Lincolnshire was reported to have much larger hares than elswhere some upto 12 and a half pounds. But also there had been noticed a curious number of coloured hares which was unusual.

    The parti-coloured hares had been found on the Scrivelsby Estate the home of the Dymokes, ‘champions of England’ and albino hares had been seen at Horncastle. The Dymoke family had recently brought in some parti-coloured hares to show to guests after dinner.( :( )

    Stamford Mercury

    1888 The South Holland harriers held a hare coarse with 50 riders. The hare was kileled on the farm of a Mr Short. The next hare found , ran through Wyberton, Frampton and Fosdyke. It was eventually pulled down near Fosdyke Bridge .

    Since the 1892 Hares Preservation Act, hares had been almost exterminated in some parts of Lincolnshire and it was unlawful to sell them between March and July , to prevent them disappearing all together.

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