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Brigg Church ~ The History of St John the Evangelist

Brigg Church ~ A Delve into the Past
St. John the Evangelist church is one of the more unusually situated churches in Lincolnshire . . .

Brigg, or Glandford Bridge as it was recorded back in 1235, is a Market Town which sits by the River Ancholme and started life as a fishing hamlet and it’s a very historic area, having given up some important pre-historic finds including Bronze Age timber boats.
What’s seen today though is relatively modern, including the main church

St. John the Evangelist

Brigg Church

Situated in Bigby Street, and seemingly sandwiched into an available slot, it was completely rebuilt between 1841 and 1843 by W.A. Nicholson with some alteration in 1883, it was built on the site of the previous church.
It’s a large church, seating 450 people, and impressive in its own right but somewhat let down and subsumed by everything around it.

As the church lacks the amount of historic interest that others in Lincolnshire do there’s little more to add, though if you can add anything please do leave a comment.

There’s much in the town and area of great historic interest but as much of it is specific I think it better dealt with in individual articles to avoid over-burdening pages.
As mentioned if you know anything at all historic that’s connected to the church at Brigg then please do leave a comment
Many thanks


  1. veronica said,

    February 22, 2013 @ 9:00 am

    Lots of the ususal hatches , matches and dispatches Rod , also church committee meetings .

    But these appealed to my quirky nature !

    24th May 1901 The church was central in the celebrations for the Brigg Volunteers returning from the South African Campaign. There was bunting everywhere to welcome the men home. There was a church service and also a Smoking Concert ‘ ( ? ) in the evening where every volunteer was given a photo of himself and a £5 note from the council! ( about three weeks wages then )

    AND ( a sheer delight )

    21st Feb 1876

    The Brigg church bells arrived at the station from London and the following day there was a procession through the streets in a very particular order ( :) ) starting with the church choir, a band from the North Lincolnshire Light Yeomanry , the Bell Committee and the neighbourhood clergy ! The ladies had tastefully decorated the bells, which were accompanied by school children and the Bells perambulated the town ! After a short inaugeration service by Rev W J Wylie, the children processed to the vicarage where they were each given a bun and an orange ! ( Brilliant )

  2. Rod said,

    February 22, 2013 @ 10:46 am

    superb, many thanks, you’ve really lit this one up!

    the children processed to the vicarage where they were each given a bun and an orange
    That is just fantastic, I love it - “a bun and an orange” . . . wonderful

    Thanks and regards,

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