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Barrow Haven Reedbed ~ A Visit to the LWT Nature Reserve

Barrow Haven Reedbed
A lovely nature reserve under the control of the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust
A paid it a visit the other week

I am hoping to visit all the Nature Reserves held by the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust to not only enjoy the experience and the day out but also hopefully get some interesting photographs and certainly write each visit up and bring it to the site.

As you look for the place in Barrow Haven you get the feeling you’re driving to the very end of something, it feels like you’ll shortly no be able to go any further and indeed that’s exactly the case as it’s about as far north as you can go in Lincolnshire. I’ve been a few times before to the shore and most memorably here but this was my first trip to the Reed Bed and as you can see it’s a beautiful place.

Barrow Haven Reedbed birdwatching birding

Barrow Haven Reedbed

The picture above was taken from inside the permanent wooden hide that’s on the site which provides an excellent vantage point for birdwatchers or photographers.
Sadly when I was there it was very quiet in terms of wildlife as the water was still mostly frozen over so it’s a place I’ll have to revisit to experience its full potential.

There are over 150 species of birds recorded there with some 60 being known to breed. It’s great for water birds and there’s also reported sighting of Bearded Tits so it’s well worth a visit.
If you are planning a visit here’s the OS grids: TA 061236

If you’ve been or have anything at all to report on this Nature Reserve then please do leave a comment
Many thanks in advance
All the best

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