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A Life in a Day

A Whole Life in One Day
Saturday was proscribed to be a day devoid of excitement. The God of Inspiration had abandoned me whereas the Gods of Weather and Laundry cast down their vengeance upon me . . .

Saturday could not have been more unlike Friday, see image below, the elation of the bright sunshine and blue skies of Friday were savagely dampened by a damp, miserable and overcast day. An appointment with a ruinous pile of laundry, a washing machine and the tumble drier beckoned - I’d be stuck in all day!
Considering various options I decided to read in between unloading and reloading domestic machinery and read I did, I started a book and finished it the same day.

It gave real pause for thought.

The book was by Mohsin Hamid and is called How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia and took the central character from being a poor and sickly child through his entire life, eventually being wealthy, right to his deathbed - I quite literally took in a life in one day - it was quite an experience.

Cleethorpes this Friday Morning

You have a different relationship with good literature when you read in long, or indeed single, sittings. My life bears little resemblance to that of the main protagonist but the resonance was staggering. Effectively charting the life of a man and those around him in a single book read in a single day truly reinforces just how short life is, it comes and goes before you realise it.

From time to time I’m ‘hit’ by certain things, I imagine we’re all the same, sometimes something relatively minor really moves you to thought or even change. We perhaps look at life with a little more lucidity, start to question what we’re doing with our most precious resource.
I could sound mildly depressing but it is in fact invigorating, looking life squarely in the eye, assessing where you are and what you’re doing, without trying to kid yourself or anybody else, is a very worthwhile exercise - certainly on a dank miserable Saturday when the only sound you can hear is the faint hum of the washing machine in the background - it concentrates the mind and the thoughts.

We all have different ideas of what we’d like to do, or indeed what we ought to be doing, they change, certain ideas come in and out of favour but if you find yourself, as I find myself, continually coming back to certain themes with no variation then I think it’s fair to say that’s a strong case for change.

I found the book to be beautifully written and profoundly moving so much so it impacted on my very own thoughts and hopes for life. I’ve rather indulgently wearied your eyes with those thoughts and as I type this sentence it’s already starting to feel as though I’ve wasted your time, if you even got this far.

Saturday turned out to be something of a roller-coaster day and after it I don’t suppose I have a message to impart to you other than the rather trite one make the most of your time and perhaps be brave enough to take the chances needed to find all that’s best in life!

Now that I’ve imparted that unsolicited advice it only remains to see whether I take it myself . . .
Reflectively yours,


  1. Rod's Brother said,

    April 14, 2014 @ 7:31 am

    Great post, what surely separates great authors from the rest is their ability to draw the reader in and relate the story to their own lives. Moshin Hamid has that ability regardless of story setting.
    Great literature has much to offer.

  2. Rod said,

    April 14, 2014 @ 8:31 am

    indeed he does, I’ve read all his books now and thoroughly enjoyed them all

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